About Me

After 6 years’ experience in different roles in multinational companies in aerospace I start a new adventure in the fast growing medical devices industry very demanding in term of quality.
I am able to improve global value of a product/process by implementing continuous improvement policy, reducing lead times, reducing production/logistics/buying cost, structuring process, training and managing people.
My leitmotiv is « knowing where you are from (pasts results, history, origins), who you are (strengths and weaknesses) and where do you want to go (your target, your dreams) ». This is why I am a data and results driven professional striving for excellence.
I also always developed good relations based on confidence, at ease in a team and at same time very autonomous. I am able to perform detailed analysis, be a source of proposals and able to take decision.
In the next years I would like to manage a team or lead more strategic projects in quality and/or continuous improvement fields.


Supplier quality engineer II

Boston Scientific
Since december 2016
  • Portfolio : metals & chemicals suppliers
  • Perform as lead auditor on-site QMS audit & desktop assessments per ISO 13485/ISO 9001 and specific requirements
  • Monitor and support SCAR/CAPA with suppliers
  • Support improvement/change projects for suppliers
  • Develop trustful relationship with suppliers
  • Define and participate toVIP (Value improvement projects)
  • Standards: ISO 9001, ISO 13485
  • Tools: MSA, Pp/Ppk, audit management, NCEP, CAPA (Corrective & Preventive actions), SCAR (Supplier corrective action), sampling plan, FMEA

Supplier quality engineer (consultant) - NPI A320Neo

Equert (Groupe Eurogiciel)
May 2013 to november 2016
  • Mission: manage portfolio of 7 suppliers (Europe, China & US) developping forging & castings parts for A320Neo through GRAMS standard
  • Products = metallic structural for aircraft pylon : ribs, spars, bleeds, air inlets in steel & titanium
  • Lead successfully 32 FAI of complex mechanical parts
  • Support implementation of suppliers' quality tools: Cp-Cpk and control/surveillance plans
  • Reduce or eradicate concessions volume by supporting 8D progress
  • Manage critic's suppliers' recovery : recurrent quality issues and production bottleneck
  • Assess suppliers' maturity for serial production
  • Tools: S&OP (MRP 2), FMEA, control plan, capabilities (MSA, Cp/Cpk), audit management, VSM, design/manufacturing specifications, control room
  • Standards: GRAMS, ISO9001, ISO19011, EN9100, Nadcap/AIPS

Lean projects' engineer - FAL A320 (Toulouse)

Airbus Operations
November 2012 to may 2013
  • Mission: lead lean improvements projects for the A320 final assembly line
  • Implement a solution for optimizing consumables distribution, target = reduce operators motion & 10% of inventory on production line
  • Create a work specification for outsourcing a a “non-core” operation releasing 2 workers (3 hours per run)
  • Re-design an updated solution for pull flow on a production workstation
  • Tools: VSM, Solving problem (8D, QRQC, Why), process modelling, minimum stock level, Kanban, pull flow, visual management

Supply chain improvement engineer - Project 'Missing Parts Reduction'

Labinal Maroc - Groupe Safran
November 2011 to november 2012
  • Mission: lead an improvement project for reducing missing parts on the production line and reducing stock inventory value for Moroccan site (1000 FTE).
  • Reduce from 30 to 65% work orders provide without any missing parts:
    => production line performance improvement by avoiding line stop
    => eradication of deliveries with missing parts for Airbus Customer (= 80% of deliveries)
  • Reduce a 3M€ stock value by 400k€
  • Launch implementation of S&OP process
  • Lead a daily improvement meeting “QRQC” with 7 supply officer & the warehouse manager
  • Analyze issues' pareto => perform root causes analysis => define and manage action plan
  • Tools: S&OP, VSM, Solving problem (8D, QRQC, 5Why, Ishikawa), process modelling, minimum stock level, ABC classification, safety stock policy

Logistics engineer - Airbus Toulouse final assembly lines

Airbus Operations SAS
April 2011 to november 2011
  • Mission: assist an improvement project for central logistics department: rationalization and improvement of consumables stock and distribution for all Airbus Toulouse final assembly lines
  • Analyse as-is situation and define solution design: yearly savings between 5 to 10% (500k€ to 1 million)
  • Deploy a pilot of the solution operational through a kaizen workshop
  • Promote solution to others departments : operational logistics, lean, production
  • Tools: OBS/PBS/WBS, process modelling, milkrun, order point, pull flow, visual management

Junior logistics project engineer (sandwich course)

Kuehne-Nagel division aerospace & industry
September 2008 to august 2010
  • Mission: support experienced project managers in the 1st year and then lead various logistics projects
  • Elaborate a business case for a project of a replacement packaging system for a 20,000m² warehouses
  • Develop a standard process for takeovers companies’ projects
  • Design and assess a cost of a whole milkrun distribution process on a new production line. This line has been elected as “L’Usine de l’Année 2011” (Best factory of the year of 2011) by the newspaper "L'Usine Nouvelle"
  • Draw a VSM for on-dock reception activity
  • Tools: VSM, 5Why, process modelling, visual management, warehouse layout (Visio), order point, safety stock, Kanban, milkrun


Five year degree in supply chain and international trade option strategy and industrial management

Toulouse Business School (ESC group), partnership with "Ecole des Mines d'Albi"
September 2010 to 2011

Industrialization / Planning & Scheduling / Procurement & Purchasing / International logistics & transport / Quality management / ERP management / International trade

Inventory & warehousing / Multimodal transport / Planning & scheduling / Risk analysis / Quality / Project management / Financial control / Accountability / Statistics / International trade

Licence et Master 1 Organization management - option international trade

IUP of University Toulouse 3
September 2006 to 2008

Project management / Accountability / Finance control / ERP management / Strategy / Communication / Psychology

Diploma of technology in business and administration

IUT of University Toulouse 3
September 2004 to 2006

Accountability / Finance control / Marketing / Strategy / Commercial law / Labor law / Economy


  • Supply chain synchronization: demand management => S&OP => MPS => MRP
  • Warehouse/logistics: inventory management, warehouse layout, ABC classification, FIFO/LIFO, milkrun, buffer stock, flows management
  • Procurement : supplier relationship management, orders management
  • Purchasing : sourcing strategy, cost breakdown, suppliers selection
  • ERP implementation
  • Risk/cost management, organization sustainability
  • FMEA, control/surveillance plan, QMS, quality plan, FAI
  • Capability tools : MSA, CP/CPK & PP/PPK, SPC
  • QMS auditor/Lead assessor ISO13485
  • CAPA (Corrective & Preventive actions), SCAR (Supplier corrective action)
  • Standards: ISO9001, ISO13485 5Lead auditor), ISO19011, EN9100, EN9102 (FAI), GRAMS (aerospace equivalent to APQP), Nadcap/AIPS (Airbus special processes)
  • KPIs management, control room
  • Problem solving tools: 8D, PPS, QRQC, 5W, Ishikawa
  • Methodology: PDCA, DMAIC
  • Lean tools : VSM / Process modeling, 6 sigma, kaizen, kanbans, theory of constraints, just in time, pull flow, spaghetti diagram
  • Structure: OBS / WBS / PBS
  • Planning/scheduling: GANT/PERT
  • Accountability / Finance control
  • Stakeholders management, internal & external communications


  • Microsoft office
  • SAP R/3
  • ERP / WMS
  • Leadership, team motivation
  • Change management
  • Skills matrix / team development
  • French : mother tongue
  • English :fluent
  • Spanish : intermediary
  • Arabic : intermediary (grammar)


  • Basket-ball at high national level from 14 years old to 24
  • Sport : soccer, basket-ball, running
  • Reading to medidate, open my mind, learn new things
  • Travels: Portugal, Poland, Morocco, Benin, China, United States, Italy, England, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain